Watch Paul Oakenfold’s Burning Man 2013 set through his eyes via Google Glass

burning man

You’ll remember a when we featured Nicky Romero’s view of his TomorrowWorld set shot using Google Glass. Now the Godfather of Dance music, Paul Oakenfold has joined the fray and shown us a short video of his experience of djing at Burning Man (Oakey in a desert, must have been nothing short of spiritual).

You get to see into the dj booth and check how masterful Oakenfold is at mixing and interacting with the crowd. I’m sincerely hoping for all of us that he’s part of the UltraSouthAfrica announcements as I still don’t think I’ve seen a better dj live.

paul oakenfold

Enjoy Burning Man… without the sandstorms:

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  1. Oakenfold is, without doubt, the best there has ever been. Iv got sets of his from the 90’s and you’ll never say they’re 20 years old!

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