Watch out for those clever speed cameras

MyCityByNight absolutely hates traffic officers & speed cameras… So you can imagine we were less than impressed with the brand new hi-tech speed cameras, widely used in Europe, which have been set up in Cape Town for the first time to record motorists’ average speeds over stretches of key city arterial routes and then fine them. Ass. 

The National Prosecuting Authority had already “signed off” on the technology, which means that these readings would now be admissable in court.

This absolutely nauseating system works by having cameras installed on the same route – on the M5 they are under the Wetton and Kromboom roads’ bridges.

These super siff cameras record the times at which a vehicle passes them and are programmed to trap vehicles that cover the distance at an average speed that is higher than the permitted maximum speed limit- oh joy.

According to JP Smith (a traffic ass)- “The limitation with traditional speed cameras is that you can slow down as you hit the camera, and then accelerate away afterwards, which is what many people routinely do,”

“This system compels motorists to remain within the speed limit for quite a distance.”

“With this system, a motorist could in theory speed and then sit at the side of the road between the two cameras and wait for the time to pass, but that would completely defeat the purpose for having sped in the first place,”

Apparently to top it all off they also record normal speeding too. I am super bleak.

Fuck the traffic authorities.

Next up are cameras on the route between the city centre and Hospital Bend.

And then to finish it all off- the traffic ass by the name of JP Smith said the city was prohibited from considering fines as a source of revenue – even to cross-subsidise new law enforcement equipment. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahai yes sure thing.

Dont say we didnt warn you- please please PLEASE do not give these fuckers your money!

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  1. wait until its law for everyone to have a GPS, and then they will fine you anytime you are speeding on any road ever! its being implemented in Europe.

  2. ok, i remember hearing about it being implemented in Europe somewhere, but cant seem to find any proof about it. So take that comment with a pinch of salt.

  3. Maybe you should just stick to the fucken speed limit and not speed…
    Maybe it is because fuckers like you speed that these cameras have to be implemented…
    Maybe you should obey the law and not break it like a fucking criminal…
    Maybe you should go and cry about this to your mom…

    Besides… it is not the end of the world, you’ll live!
    So get over it!

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