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If you boys and girls havent noticed the rather cuddly looking social media icons (Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Youtube) littered around MyCityByNight we must be doing things wrong!

Regardless of our possible shortcomings we’ve gone through the liberty of setting up a MyCityByNight channel on Youtube where you will be able to catch up on some of the things that the crew gets up to on a daily basis.

The content over there is basically like the “bonus features” section on a dvd- its where all the cool stuff is… and in a bid to get all of you to make the click to be transported to wonderful world of high definition MCBN I’ve popped up 3 of my favourites…

1. Quickfire Q&A with the knee-wobblingly hot and ridiculously talented Idols SA star Adeline Mocke (take a moment to bathe in her awesomeness)

2. Paul Oakenfold live in Cape Town at the Nuwave and 5FM monster event of 2010 (he drops 7 cities… this one gets me going EVERY time- OAKEY is the GODFATHER of trance!!!!)

3. Athlone Cooling Towers Demolision (part of history and Stacky was there to catch it all)

There’s plenty of other stuff there like Idols videos and anything else that we think is of interest to all you! Yay for MyCityByNight on Youtube… Go subscribe for updates 🙂

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