WATCH | Mike Tyson Smokes A Foot-Long Joint


All words: The Dirty Mexican

The ear biting, face tattoed, lisping box legend that is Mike Tython recently stepped up to a ring of a different flavour when he attempted a new form of boxing, this being outdoor hotboxing.

The boxing champion was spotted at a cannabis festival smoking a rather large joint. A footlong to be exact, It’s seems that the former boxer goes big with everything he does, whether it be his penchant for large cats or his choice of in-ring munchies.

Tython recently purchased a 40-acre ranch in California and had stated that he has intended to set up his own grow-op. It comes as no surprise then that the lisping giant was spotted at the pot party. In fact, Tyson was more than likely in attendance to spark up his inspiration for his own upcoming weed and music festival which will be a lit affair taking place on the 23rd of February at his ranch.

The boxer turned stoner has been an advocate of the devil’s lettuce, and the video sees him puffing away the monstrous joint with two hands.

Tyson who never misses the opportunity to take a bite out of an opportunity is most definitely taking high advantage of the state’s legalisation of recreational use of the drug as he has already set aside a whopping 20-acres aside for his grow-operations.

In addition to his, Tyson also has plans to start his own school where he’ll educate farmers on the intricacies of developing new strains and the higher education institute has been dubbed the ‘Tyson Cultivation School.’

Tyson is not the only champion stoner as back in November 2018, Irish MMA Conor McGregor star spent some quality time with Mike and also called his KO Kush “really nice”.

Furthermore, it seems the healing power of marijuana has seen the two champs set aside their difference with McGregor admitting that Tyson will always have his ‘endless love and respect’.

This is excellent news and clearly displays what the power of a thupermassive thpliff a day can do for one’s aggression. We just hope Tyson has lost his taste for ears as we would hate him to get a case of the munchies after puffing on one of these bad boys.

Thmoke weed every day.

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