Watch Johnny Knoxville’s Action Point – the Official Trailer.

Johnny Knoxville’s latest and wild comedy, Action Point – which was largely shot in Cape Town – is set for official box office release this coming June 2018. While we were well aware of Knoxville filming across the city over the last two years, we weren’t quite sure what it was all about. The film which is largely Jackass inspired and very similar to Dickhouse’s Bad Grandpa features an array of traditional Jackass-style stunts sewn together by an outlandish narrative.

The movie stars Knoxville, the owner of a sketchy amusement park where the rides are designed on a whim for maximum fun without any safety or structure. The film is based on an actual amusement park called Action Park in New Jersey, which was infamous for poorly structured, dangerous rides as well as providing insufficient training to employees, allowing staff to be under the influence and hiring under-aged workers. Check out the madness in the official trailer below.

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