Watch | HBO’s latest docuseries explores the controversial McDonald’s Monopoly game scandal

HBO recently released the official trailer for the highly anticipated docuseries ‘McMillions’. The six-part documentary will explore the McDonald’s Monopoly game scam, that latest over a decade!

For those of you who don’t know, McMillions is the stranger-than-fiction true-life story of ex-cop turned security auditor Jerry Jacobson, aka “Uncle Jerry,” who rigged the McDonald’s Monopoly game for more than ten years. In 1987, Hasbro and MacDonald’s run a promotion – the premise was simple: attach Monopoly pieces to food cartons and cups, with each piece signifying a Monopoly property or a small prize. One out of every four pieces would be a small prize, such as a medium fry or soda, and a very few of the prizes would be significantly more valuable, such as a car or, with the proper pieces, up to $1 million in cash.

Jacobson, “Uncle Jerry,” who worked for the production company that made the McDonald’s Monopoly game pieces was put in charge of the distribution of certain key game pieces. As a part of that job, he would travel with said pieces to the factories making McDonald’s cups and cartons, where the pieces would then be attached to said items.
But Jacobson began tampering with the sealed envelopes containing the prize pieces, he would carefully open the envelope, steal the best pieces, and then reseal and deliver the rest. Smart enough not to try to redeem the pieces himself, Jacobson gave a $25 000 piece to his stepbrother who shared the proceeds with him. By 1995, he was stealing most of the pieces of greatest value.

The docuseries is directed by James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte and will include firsthand interviews and archival footage from the FBI agents who brought down the gaming scam as well as interviews with McDonald’s corporate executives, those who were defrauded; the lawyers who tried the case; and the culprits and prizewinners who profited from the complicated scheme. McMillions will air on HBO February 3, 2020, watch the official trailer below.

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