Watch | Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner toasts to Arya Stark’s sex scene in this hilarious clip


This week’s Game of Thrones SE E2 was an epic build up to what we’ve all been waiting for – the grand showdown where all seven houses will finally face the Night King’s army of white walkers.

Episode two also gave us one of the best scenes in the Game of Thrones finale so far. In the moments leading up the penultimate warfare, a now 18-year-old Arya Stark chooses to lose her virginity to Gendry. It seems the surprise scene not only left fans in a spin but also got the attention of Maisie Williams’ co-stars like her on-screen sister Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner).

Draped in a rob with a glass of wine in hand, here’s what Turner had to say on her Instagram, as well as Episode 3’s official preview below.

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