Watch Die Antwoord’s New Music Video – Featuring Their Daughter Sixteen Jones.

Just when you thought things were getting quite, Die Antwoord pop up again this week with a brand new video for their track Alien ft. The Black Goat.

The video tells the story of, well, the song – which is about a lonely Alien in a desolate part of Detroit, who doesn’t fit in making her suitably… alienated. But there’s a whole metamorphosis from Alien to girl depicted in the music video and features their now apparently “grown” daughter, Ms. Jones. Pappa Watkins aka Ninja also makes a small cameo but ultimately stays off screen to direct the video.

For a long time, and almost die-hard fan, this one’s just a little below par for me – it’s probably also the song. One thing remains though, Die Antwoord have always been consistent in producing captivating, excellently shot and edited pieces of film that are always a pleasure to watch, whether the song sucks or not.

The last release we saw from the outlandish duo was the internet release of their disturbing short film, Tommy Can’t Sleep, featuring Jack Black. There’s also word of A TV series is in the making which will feature and incorporate some of their top video projects from the ten years.

Check out Alien below as well as the trailer for their upcoming TV series too.


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