Watch This Dad Clothesline A Kid At The Skatepark

Watch This Dad Clothesline A Kid At The Skatepark

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It’s probably never a good idea to bring your dad to the skatepark, especially if he’s prone to dropping random clotheslines on kids. I mean, I get that sometimes parents can be a little bit overprotective, but dropping WWE finishers on young kids never really seems like an appropriate thing to do for someone who pays taxes. We don’t really have much more info about this video other than what the uploader had to say about it online

There I was, filming a Manny 180 when a 12-year-old child snakes my boy like BLAOW, next thing you know BANG, the kids dad came up and shoulder charged him after not even seeing what happened.

Pretty massive hit there, but a little bit of an overreaction in my opinion? I reckon that this kid isn’t about to be invited back to the skate park anytime soon (and truth be told he probably wouldn’t want to go back out of sheer embarrassment).

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