Watch Conor McGregor batter Conan O’Brien on UFC2

Watch Conor McGregor batter Conan O'Brien on UFC2

connor vs conan

We showed you the latest bit of gameplay from the new UFC2 game earlier today and now to get you even more excited, we’ve got some very special footage of Conor McGregor going up against Conan O’Brien in a battle of the gingers in UFC2.

Conan O’Brien took on his Irish counterpart in the game using a player he’d created using the game’s “make your own fighter” function and somehow still managed to get his ass handed to him by Conor McGregor.

What a laugh. I’d pay some serious money to see this fight go down in real life, even if it did only last 10 seconds before Conor McGregor knocked Conan’s teeth out.

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