Watch | Cape Town couple captured a new nightmarish hijacking trend as it happened

Watch | Cape Town couple captured a new nightmarish hijacking trend as it happened

On the evening of July 22, Susannah Leigh was travelling in her car alone from Hout Bay to Camps Bay when a nightmarish incident took place that could have ended in tragedy. Luckily, Susannah was spared from experiencing a terrifying encounter thanks to two good samaritans.

A couple, who were travelling behind Leigh’s bakkie from Victoria Road in Hout Bay, saw a man jump into the back of her 4 x4 when she slowed down at an intersection. Rupert Bryant and his partner started to record the incident and followed Leigh all the way to Camps Bay to ensure she got there safely and to inform her that someone was in the back of her vehicle.

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When Leigh eventually stopped in Camps Bay, Byrant and his partner pulled up alongside her to let her know what they had seen. At first, Leigh was taken by surprise but when she checked, there was in fact a stranger lying in the back of her bakkie. Leigh grabbed her bag and ran across the road to the nearest restaurant to ask for help and two waiters went to remove the man who pretended to be drunk and didn’t answer any questions.

Leigh became frustrated. Feeling violated and shocked she drove away, “I never reported it to the police but I think I should have in hindsight, I was honestly just so affected by the incident.”

Read Susannah’s Facebook post below and watch the chilling moment the carjacker jumps into her car. Read more on the latest local news here.

People with canopies on their bakkies be aware. A man climbed into the back of my canopy while I was driving home at night from Hout Bay. I had no idea he had gotten into the back. It was very dark and rainy and windy. I drove the whole coastal road to Camps Bay not knowing a man was in my car. A couple followed me until I stopped in Camps Bay and told me. Thank you, Rupert Bryant and your friend for filming this and saving me from a situation that could have ended very badly. Keep your canopies locked and be aware of what is happening while you are stopped at intersections.” – Susannah Leigh, Facebook

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