Watch | Big Wave Surfer Barely Escapes This XXL Nazaré Nightmare


Portugal’s massive wave, Nazaré is all the spectacle and drama both for those participating and watching. This past weekend, conditions once again ramped up to XXL status. In the video below, Brazilian Big Wave Surfer, Thiago Jacaré, charges into the first wave of a big set in Nazaré during a monster swell. Thiago manages to ride the wave until he is suddenly bumped off his board and is immediately swallowed by a wall of white water and held down for an extensive period before resurfacing just in time to catch a quick breath, just before the next wave impact.

Thiago ends up taking with a total of 5 waves on the head before he is rescued. Jacaré didn’t suffer any injuries but what extremely exhausted when he got back to shore where he was immobilised and taken in by an ambulance, as a safety measure.

This was by far the worst wipeout of my life, I barely got the chance to breathe between waves, when I got to the sand I was completely exhausted, to the point I couldn’t even move. I want to thank Sebastian Steudtner for the rescue and David Langer for the tow, I won’t ever forget this day!” – Thiago Jacaré

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