Watch Banksy’s Iconic “Trolley Hunter” Being Stolen on CCTV.

Last week CCTV caught a thief red-handed stealing an iconic piece of artwork by the elusive and world-renowned street artist Banksy. The piece titled “Trolley Hunter” was on exhibition at “The Art of Banksy” show which is reported to be an unauthorized showing of the artist’s work from private owners and collections.

The footage below shows the man entering the gallery around 5 am, taking the print and running off. The artwork was curated by Steve Lazarides, who was also Banksy’s former agent for 10 years.

“Trolley Hunter” first debuted in 2007.  The print depicts three hunters preying on shopping trolleys and is apparently worth £26,000. According to BBC, Canadian authorities are working around the clock to identify the thief and recover the stolen art.

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