Watch | Artist creates fake traffic jam on Google Maps using 99 phones

Berlin-based artist, Simon Weckert has made headlines around the world this week for his viral Google Maps hack. Weckert managed to create fake traffic jams in multiple streets around Berlin using a red wagon and 99 android smartphones.

Weckert trecked around the city with his wagon full of android devices, all turned on with Google Maps running. He tracked how it affected the platform, which predicts the density of cars in an area by pinging smartphones that are using the app. Wherever Weckert went with the phones, Google Maps displayed a traffic jam and rerouted users around the area.

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Talking to Business Insider, a Google representative said they had launched the ability to distinguish between cars and motorcycles in several countries including India, Indonesia and Egypt, but hadn’t quite cracked travelling by wagon yet. The rep also noted that the company appreciated creative uses of their platform, “it helps us make maps work better over time,” he said.

Watch Weckert’s video below and read more on the latest viral content right here.


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