WATCH | Andy King Responds To All The FYRE Festival Memes


Both Netflix and Hulu are enjoying considerable success over their recently released documentaries about the failed 2017 Fyre Festival and the organisers behind the shit show – Ja Rule and more notably, Billy McFarland.

While McFarland gave an exclusive interview for the Hulu feature, Netflix‘s ‘Fyre, The Greatest Festival That Never Happened‘ gave us never-before-seen footage of the pre-workings of the festival and how it unfolded, or unravelled rather, on the island.

Another part of the Netflix feature that caught the world’s attention was the unforgettable part of Andy King’s interview in which he talks of “taking one for the team”. King has worked closely with McFarland since his Magnises days and worked on Fyre Festival from start to disaster. Andy recalls a moment on the island when the Bahamian customs detained their water supply needed for the festival. In order to “hush” the issue with the local customs and avoid the unpaid fees he owed, McFarland tried to pimp King off telling him, “You’re our wonderful gay leader and we need you to go down [to customs]. Will you suck dick to fix this water problem?”

Fortunately, he didn’t go through with it but King’s story has gone viral, sparking a meme outbreak across social platforms. Netflix caught up with Andy to see what he thought about all the online commotion and his response was, he loves it! See what King had to say in the clip [via Netflix] below.

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