Watch Amazing Clips of Mexico and South Korea Celebrating Germany’s Defeat as One Nation.

Yesterday South Korea had not one but two nations routing for them in their world cup match against Germany. Backing Korea yesterday was the vibrant nation of Mexico, who were counting on the Germans defeat in order for their own team, El Tri to remain in the cup. The prayers and energy of two countries who are worlds apart paid off and the Germans were sent packing.

Massive celebrations across the globe ensued overnight, with grateful Mexican football lovers stopping at nothing to show their gratitude towards Korea. Fans at the arena chanted “Korea, Korea” as the Asian side defeated Germany 2-0, sending El Tri to the next round.

Outside the South Korea embassy in Mexico City, fans celebrated and expressed their thanks by rejoicing, “Korean brother, you are now Mexican.” The hashtags “Thanks Korea” and even “K-pop” have been trending!

Watch some of the heartwarming moments below.

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