Watch Activist Group Target The Trump Administration With Political Vandalism.

The activist group Indecline, recently targeted and altered a massive billboard on route to San Francisco, where several hundred thousand commuters pass by each day. The political vandalism was carried out in an effort to call out the Trump administration and I.C.E’s horrific policies currently being conducted at the Mexican border.

The video posted on Vimeo by the activists, shows a group of Bay Area artists quietly and illegally accessing the premises in the early hours and altering what was previously an advert for junk removal.

In a statement emailed to the press, Indecline said the action was a direct response to “President Trump’s handling of the current immigration crisis, particularly, the separation of young children from their families” said Heran Medhin. “I think ultimately we have to be concerned with children. They didn’t do anything to deserve to be separated from their parents.”

Watch the full video below.

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