WATCH | A man living in Joe Slovo township builds incredible shack!

Joshua Rubin started doing interviews a few months ago and that’s when he met Christopher! Chris was born much smaller than most people and has had a very hard life because of it! Josh went back to his home and he was living in extremely poor conditions, staying in a 1.7m by 1.7m shack that was caving in and he was sleeping on a piece of wood with blocks underneath.

This is where Josh decided to raise funds to build him a shack that has just been finished!

Introducing Fernando, he is a builder and designer living in the township Joe Slovo and Josh met him while looking for someone to build Christopher’s shack! After a few discussions to find out about Fernando’s work, he told Chris to come and see for himself! Off they went back to Fernando’s shack on the second floor of a container and this is when everything changed for Josh. He was absolutely blown away by the design and architecture. The best part about it is he did it all himself!

Their relationship has grown stronger and they’ve become great friends Josh says. We’re excited to follow this journey and see the work they’ll be doing in the near future…

Watch the awesome video by Josh Rubin below. Follow Josh on Instagram: @Joshwideawake

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