Watch a Loaf of Garlic Bread Reach the Edge of Outer Space and Return Home!

In light of just about anything, it seems absurd to describe news relating to half a loaf of garlic bread as urgent or incredible however there’s just something about this video that’s, well, breathtaking actually.

What started out as an idea amongst friends at a pub one evening quickly turned into a collaboration between Random AerospaceMy Virgin Kitchen and YouTuber Tom Scott to see how the edge of space would alter food.

Half a loaf of garlic bread was sent up to the edge of space with the help of a balloon in a two and a half hour expedition and once it returned to Earth, it was eaten. This was all made possible thanks to a custom-made box designed by Random Aerospace that would close once it returned to a certain altitude, keeping the parcel safe to sample upon its return.

The video is unedited footage of the entire experiment so we’ve capped the most amazing part – when the balloon pops sending the bread home- for your enjoyment – Check it out below.


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