Want To Go As Oscar Pistorius This Halloween? Well You’re Going To Need To Make The Costume Yourself

Want To Go As Oscar Pistorius This Halloween? Well You're Going To Need To Make The Costume Yourself

We’ve already had a look at some interesting options for Halloween this year, but this one definitely takes the cake for the one that is going to get you the most dirty looks down here in SA. In what is probably going to take the title of most offensive Halloween costume, we’re featuring this Oscar Pistorius “Blade Gunner” (which is found emblazoned on the front of the running vest) outfit. The outfit was originally for sale on Amazon.com but was pulled down shortly after due the backlash it received from customers of the site.

The original ad, which was selling the costume for £22.99, said:

The Paralympic runner costume is sure to cause some controversy at your next event.

Includes top, shorts, boot covers and knee pads.

Yeah. Kind of Awks. Some of the comments included:

How can extreme violence against women ever be a joke or a marketing opportunity?

This is completely tasteless – What does it even have to do with Halloween?

Following the huge backlash, Amazon pulled the costume from their site and issued the following statement:

All Marketplace sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who don’t will be subject to action including potential removal of their account.

The product in question is no longer available.

So if you are crazy enough to still want to go as the Blade Runner/Gunner you’re going to have to make the costume yourself and endure the wrath of the public who are not going to be too stoked with your choice of attire.

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