Want To Get Healthy Quick? Have Some Booze

Is it just me or are there an abundance of ‘get fit’ articles and running and yoga apps and ‘fun’ fitness activities and classes being advertised this month? It’s as if the 2nd of January is a trigger for the health and fitness world to finally come out of hibernation and say, “Hey!! Holidays are done, time to get rid of that Christmas belly!” Personally my lack of enthusiasm for all that could not be ANY less…so I’ve devised some (non-medical/ non-doctor approved) tips for people who want to start shedding some extra Christmas weight without actually doing any exercise.

1. Drink low calorie alcohol or cut it out completely.

When you want to look good and still have a good night out you need to be really aware of what you’re drinking and attempt to stick to the lower calorie drinks. The real trick with this is making the decision BEFORE you go out, think about what low calorie option you will drink for the night and
stick to your plan!

The lowest calorie alcoholic drink is Vodka with 65 Calories per 30ml, so technically the best drink while watching your waistline is Vodka and Soda with some fresh lime for flavour. If you don’t really like the taste of Vodka you could try drinking sparkling water throughout the night and have one or two tequila shots with the lads? One tequila, two tequila, three tequila… more? Sipping on whiskey is also one of the next best options.
If those are all too extreme for you then stick to light beers or dry white wines or champagne. Champagne is usually very dry (which means there is less sugar). Whatever you do, DO NOT drink any soft drinks/ sugary sodas. To burn off one soft drink you need to run about 6km!

2. Get into a proper sleeping pattern.

Trying to get back into a good sleep routine after holidays can be really difficult, but knowing it will help you lose weight should be motivation enough. Avoid that snooze button and get to bed early. When you sleep you burn calories, the better you sleep the more calories you burn…how this works is fairly simple; your body needs fuel to continue with its normal functions like breathing and keeping your heart pumping. Your brain activity also needs fuel, so while reading or studying you are burning a fair amount of calories. Burning calories while you sleep is dependent on REM sleep (deep sleep) because when you are in REM sleep, your brain is highly active; sometime even more active than when you are awake.

3. Eat less – make your portions a little smaller

We all overindulge, especially over the holidays, but losing that extra Christmas tummy doesn’t come to those who scoff down anything placed in front of them. So instead of a large pasta for lunch have a small, turn in your large bag of chips have a small, have one sandwich for lunch instead of
two, basically have a look at your normal food intake and have less…should be simple enough? Changing this habit can be hard, so try to remember that your tummy is not in control, you are! Also you won’t harm yourself if you feel a little hungry now and again. Top tip, don’t go to the shop hungry this way you will consciously buy less food and maybe more healthier options too.

These tips will by no means give you that beach body you have always dreamed of, but they are really easy and effective ways to start getting prepared for the new year, and if you do these things properly you will definitely be on the path to better health and should start losing those extra
pounds. Next step is hitting the gym!

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