Want some Coke? The best drug dealing prank ever

drug dealing prank

If you’ve ever been to Cape Town and taken a stroll down Long Street you’ll be familiar with the some of the sales speak exhibited by purveyors of illegal narcotics who frequent the area… You want some X, Coke, Weed, H?  One of the most fundamental rules of life is, if someone comes up to you on the street offering you drugs, it’s probably not the best idea to carry on with the transaction (unless you dig being in prison or smoking oregano instead of marijuana).

The guys in this particular prank are extra smart because while they appear to be offering randoms a bunch of illicit drugs, they’re actually just giving them the opportunity to get some fairly normal things. You can see where this is all going – The Coke they’re offering is actually Coca-Cola and the little pot, is well… a tiny stainless-steel pot. It’s pretty funny to see people’s reactions, especially the one’s of those that think they’re actually going to score some decent shit while they’re bored in a mall (keeping their shopping-crazy girlfriends company).


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