WAKA WAKA – This Time for Africa (South Africa 2010 World Cup Official Song)

Ok normally I cant understand a word that Shakira is saying, which I guess explains a large deal of her global appeal (everyone thinks she’s singing in their language with a really heavy speech defect)- and this why I was a little bit suprised when she was selected to do the official World Cup song with South African mega group Freshly Ground. Personally I think that its shocking- saved only slightly by Freshly Ground. “Waka Waka Eh Eh” I wonder how long it took them to come up with THAT as the song’s chorus.

Hey at least the video has been released with subtitles… Still though I dont understand what was wrong with our suggestion of Revolutionary House with Julius Malema busting some sweet vocals over the beat…

What do you think of it??? Why not do another TkZee video in the new Soccer City Stadium- Benni doesnt even need to be behind the barb-wire cages at Orlando Stadium in the video this time?!! Halagasha!!

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  1. Brings back memories hey!! Its amazing how far things have come since that video- I mean did you see how Orlando Stadium looked?! And that was only like ten years ago or something!

    Still though- super crap song by Shakira. FAIL.

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