Wait, Did Mary J Blige Do A Singing Interview With Hillary Clinton?!

Wait, Did Mary J Blige REALLY Do A Singing Interview With Hillary Clinton?!


So we know that Mary J Blige is basically the Queen of R&B, but after watching this clip of her interview with¬†Hillary Clinton for her new show “The 411 With Mary J Blige” we have to question just how sane she actually is. The clip features Mary J Blige deciding to sing the US Presidential candidate a song that she had written about police brutality. It is honestly the most painful thing we’ve watched this entire week and everyone at MCBN HQ can’t work out why she didn’t just do a normal interview instead of singing a weird made up song.

We do however have to commend Hillary Clinton for keeping her face in check the entire time – we’d definitely have been in absolute tears.

Take in the weirdness:

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