VW takes us on a walk down South Africa’s car memory lane- 60 years in the business

Even if you are not a fan of the brand itself, VW has been a key part of growing up with TV in South Africa. I mean, come on- who remembers those ads with the little girl carrying the cute golden labrador, or the one’s with Sarel van der Merwe looking a qhole lot fresher than his current- “I am a veteran with grey hair vibe”.

VW SA is celebrating 60 years of existence this month (August, 2011) and as part of the diamond jubilee celebrations has produced a short video showcasing some of our favourite memories and stories from the decades past. If you’re my age and older, you’ll remember most of these ads- especially all the one’s from the 80’s (those crazy 80’s).

VW SA was established in 1951 in the small Eastern Cape town of Uitenhage and since then has grown into one of the top motor manufacturers in South Africa, supplying cars to the world.

Keen for those memories to come flooding back? Just hit the anniversary video link!

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