VW Polo GTI advert

Now that car is super hot hey. I wouldn’t mind driving that at all, yes Volkswagen I am hinting that you swing one my way! I seriously do wish but when I saw the advert for this car I had to give the creative team who did it a little clap. Very clearly done and well thought up and made me chuckle after it finished.

I really enjoyed this one, I hope you do too… 


Cool huh?

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  1. HAHAHAHA! that’s hilarious! We need ads like this in SA. Shame we have harder censors than in Germania!

  2. Ive got the 2009 model.Still think it looks hotter than the newer series which just came out!But very nice none the less!

  3. @Goose: I wasnt mad on the back either, looked like an Opal. But the advert, my goodness!! just too good 🙂

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