VW Amarok Tested by MyCityByNight

MyCityByNight got a test drive in the all new VW Amarok, and may I say… it amaROK’s! (like what I did there)

Firstly, you feel like you looking at something that’s just done the Paris Dakar, oh wait, it did actually do it as a support vehicle of the Paris Dakar! It’s a about foot or so longer and wider than a Navara, but doesn’t feel 1 tiny bit bigger! The looks are hard ass and ready, yet soft and cool enough to take mooiness to the Nelly for a munchy (that’s the Mount Nelson for the folk that don’t rock Stacky’s jols).

Then you open the door to the interior, that quite honestly isn’t you average interior of a double cab bakkie! From the leather to the feeling you in a low spec’d Toureg; it’s anything but a bakkie. The one thing that i noticed that really makes you feel you in a car type bakkie (whatever i mean by that), is the back windscreen. It’s actually a back windscreen and not some just some glass put there. From a feeling of space point of view to a class point of view, it really makes the Amarok feel different.

I drove the 2.0 diesel 4motion (that’s VW’s 4 wheel drive system for the non-petrol heads), and the drive is awesome too, it’s smooth and responsive, and like most diesels, has some killer low rev torque (oh yes; now I’m talking dirty). The Amarok cruises comfortably at cruising speed (that’s whatever speed you decide, we chose the speed limit – sure!), and its pulling away from a stand still is lekker too! Light to light ek se!

Got R360 odd grand to blow on a double cab or similar, thinking of a Toyota Hilux? Toyota Fortuner? Nissan Navara? Think again… This Amarok will most likely change your mind!

Watch out Asia, ze Germans are coming to take the double cab market from you!

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