Vlogger records weird video about how she gives the perfect handy

handy guide

I feel like the internet is getting weirder and weirder by the day, with more and more bits of content being produced that leave me wondering if we’re actually devolving as the human race. Enter Adina Rivers, who is a Youtuber that offers up relationship advice on the channel along with offering up some natural alternatives to pumping up your libido and time in the bedroom.

In her latest video, she goes to some really strange lengths to describe how she gives the perfect handy, saying things like penises are magic wands and that when one gives a handy, it should be done with your heart and not just your hand. I’m not really sure where the lumo paint comes in, but hey, this is the internet and we don’t judge.

So… what did we think about that? Is she on point? Give a handy with your heart…

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