VJ Battles, Live Video Performances & After Parties – All at the Live Performers Meeting 14

LPM Mapping

The 14th Edition of Live Performers Meeting (LPM) kicks off in Cape Town on the 13th of November 2013 at City Hall. LPM is the world’s largest showcase of live video performances, VJing, workshops, panel discussions and new AV technology. The world’s leading new media thinkers and professionals will be showcasing their work and projects for what promises to be a banquet for the eyes and ears.

The 14th Edition of LPM presents a vast and diverse programme aimed at exploring different themes through new audio-visual languages, techniques and technologies. More than 120 artists from 26 countries will participate – doing 97 performances, workshops and showcases over four days. Expect mind-bending live video performances, installations and cutting-edge music from the world’s best video performers, and VJs.


VJTorna – VJ Battle

LPM hosts the VJTorna, an international competition for VJs offering performers and the audience a thrilling experience.

For those not in the know – VJing is a broad description for realtime visual performance ie. the live creation or manipulation of imagery in sync with music.

Three days of duelling amongst 26 international VJs, three categories, a jury of experts, an Audience Award and the technical sponsors Codanova, CoGe, Interspace Magic Factory, MadMapper, Millumin, Modul8, Resolume, TextMachine3D, Vezér and Vixid that put their products up for grabs as prizes!

Artists will compete in three categories:

PRE-PRODUCTION – Allows artists from around the world to compete – winners selected by the audience through online votes. The voting will close just 2 hours before the Award Ceremony.


VJ BATTLE (Live Category) – The challenge of the VJ Battle is awaiting the video wizards, who will battle against another opponent. The two will be going live simultaneously onto a split screen in front of the crowd. VJs will work with their own video materials and DJs will provide the music.


BEST LIVE MAPPER (live category):

Competitors will prepare a 20-min in or outdoor live visual mapping show – to be performed live with the music from DJ Seal.

Full details here: http://2013.liveperformersmeeting.net/vj-torna/FAX 02Featured Performers

Oof (France)

DJ Oof (real name Jaïs Elalouf) is a DJ-director, he’s directed over 30 music videos of found footage movies (Cinéclips) where he syncs music and image. An innovator of the DVJ shows – since 2003 he’s toured the globe and giving over 400 audiovisual concerts at museums, film and music festivals.

Founder of pingpong.fr, cultural marketing agency who takes care of seminal record label Ninja Tune since 1998 in France. Oof has produced 160 events, festivals and conceptual nights in Paris since 1997. www.oof.cx

DJ Oof will present a DJV Performance and workshop at LPM:

DJV Performance: “Cinemix: remixes of the most famous French soundtracks – from Carl Craig right through to Serge Gainsbourg and Ennio Morricone.

Date: Wednesday 13 November 22.15 – 23.15

Workshops: “Sound/music/image synchronisation: Directing found footage, DVJing, technical & curating sound & image.”


FAX (Italy) – Thanks to the contribution of the Italian Consulate in Cape Town.

World renowned Italian visual artist Andrea Familari (AKA VJ Fax) is a leading figure in developing live video culture in Italy.

More info: http://famifax.tumblr.com/

VJ Fax AV Performance: Visual Improvisation – Interactive Audio Video Performance Wednesday 13 November 19h35 – 20h05

VJ Set: Friday 15 November 20h55 – 21h25

Full list of artists here: http://2013.liveperformersmeeting.net/artists/

After parties

LPM 2013 CAPE TOWN will also be having a series of AFTER PARTIES for their events this week taking place at The Assembly (SYNW),  Fiction (It Came From the Jungle) and City Hall itself (with a massive lineup of local talent mixing it up with the International vjs).

LPM CPT Banner



WHEN: 13th – 16th November


WHERE: Cape Town City Hall




15:00 to 21:00 Workshops


15:00 to 16:00 Lectures and conferences


16:00 to 18:00 Presentations of projects and products


18:00 to 04:00 AV Performances and VJ / DJ sets


General admission to LPM will be free.


Workshops with the world’s leading video artists cost from R750 – R1250.


Cape Town’s best DJs will be playing at the after parties alongside international guests from Wednesday – Saturday.


All the vital info: http://2013.liveperformersmeeting.net/


LPM is produced and organized by Flyer Communication, Linux Club, FLxER.net, with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union and Provincia di Roma.

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