Visors vs. Masks – what should you get?

Visors vs. Masks - what should you get?
Bright Choice PPE

This past Sunday, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the entire country would move down to level 3 of lockdown by 1 June 2020 and that learners in finishing years, grade 7 and 12 would also be returning to the classroom.

Since the initial reopening of the economy -when the country moved to level 4 at the beginning of May- a spike in the number of infections occurred and the same will be true now when the country further opens up it’s proverbial and literal doors in June. While staying indoors and washing your hands is the golden standard to avoid being infected, an extended period of lockdown is just not sustainable -for anyone- in the long run.

So, if you are returning to work, school or need to travel next month, your best bet is to impose stringent personal hygiene protocols, like washing your hands regularly (set periodic reminders on your phone if that’s what it takes) and sanitizing your essentials – like your phone and keyboard- often. And of course, maintain social distancing standards and avoid touching your face.

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While your workspace, school or mode of public transport will be mandated to implement safety and hygiene measures, making sure you double up with personal protocols will be best practice at this time. Your hygiene regime should also be complemented with reliable and reusable personal protective equipment (PPE) such as fabric masks and visors.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, there has been much debate as to whether or not PPE such as masks and visors are effective for the public leaving people to wonder what they should use – the simple answer is that both offer some protection and in more ways than one.

Bright Choice PPE Visors and Masks
Bright Choice PPE

COVID-19 is spread via droplets in the air and one’s that land on surfaces. Face masks (when manufactured correctly) can offer some protection when everyone around you is also wearing one and can help remind you not to touch your mouth. However, most masks that are breathable also allow for foreign particles to move through them, providing only some filtration of virus-sized aerosol particles. Many people also tend to pull down their masks when talking or exercising, which completely defeats the purpose of wearing it in the first place.

Visors, on the other hand, could be a more comfortable and more effective deterrent to Covid-19. Already in use by many healthcare personnel across the globe, visors or face shields are endlessly reusable, simply requiring a wipe down with soap and water or common disinfectants. They are also generally more comfortable to wear than masks, and more effective than masks in preventing you from touching your whole face.

Visors are also a fantastic reminder to maintain physical distancing while still allowing visibility of facial expressions and lip movements for more efficient communication. This is even more true for the deaf community who often rely on lip-reading and facial expressions to effectively communicate. Well, where to get a visor you ask?

Our favourite face shield on the local market comes from Bright Choice PPE – suppliers of protective gear to major retailers like Shoprite/Checkers. These oh-so comfy face shields are 100% locally produced with a snug foam-headband that is suitable for wearing over a long period.

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That’s not all, their innovative design allows users to simultaneously wear any style of glasses and face mask under their visor. Most importantly, Bright Choice is committed to ensuring their tailored PPE is accessible to large scale operations and as well as small businesses and households.

Bright Choice PPE are selling their reusable visors at R39.99 a piece but also have an amazing flyer bag special, which are perfect for small businesses and households that do not have the cash flow to buy in bulk, but of course, need ongoing protection. These flyer bag specials offer incredible prices on orders of 5, 10 and 20 units with overnight shipping included in the price.

Bright Choice PPE

Bright Choice also has kid-sized visors for sale which will be added to the family pack options from 1 June along with some exciting other kids designs and products.

Furthermore, Brightchoice also offers 3-layer, reusable fabric facemasks for both adults and children that are perfect for students returning to school – where black masks are required – at R34.99 a mask, or back to school pack of 3 for under R100!

Their masks are made to international safety standards, with 3 layers of premium fabric (including filter layer) and an ‘over-ear’ or an ‘around the neck’ strap design. They are machine washable, and just like their flyer bag special for visors, Bright Choice is also offering incredible discounts on packs of 5, 10 and 20 masks with overnight shipping included.

All Bright Choice PPE is proudly manufactured in South Africa with shipping available nationwide. The company also takes large, bulk orders and can offer personalised branding on orders over 500 units.

For even more information Bright Choice PPE, follow them on Facebook and visit their website to place your order today.

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Bright Choice PPE

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