This virus-proof rave suit still allows party-goers to drink, vape and have sex while wearing it

Micrashell Rave Suit - Production Club

‘The Micrashell’ – envisioned and designed by LA-based creative studio, ‘Production Club’ – is a full-body hazmat suit designed for the rave.

The rave suit is reportedly virus-proof and will allow users to “safely socialise in times of a pandemic”. The piece will be made from cut-resistant fabric and fitted with PPE equipment such as a virus-shield and air filtration and breathing system.

But that’s not all kids, the rave suit also features a wireless voice communication system and built-in speakers, with volume control. Other special built-in designs include being able to vape, drink, and even have sex while wearing the neo-age party suit.

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According to Production Club’s website, the studio wanted to leverage their experience in event production to propose a solution for the events industry. While the suit is still in the early stages of production, we may be seeing it in clubs across the world soon.

Take a look at some of the early designs of Production Club’s ‘Micrashell’ virus-proof rave suit below and read more on the latest COVID-19 related news, right here.

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