Virtual Reality Simulator lets you experience 9/11 from inside the Twin Towers

9 11 simulator

A group of French University students have created a Virtual Reality Simulator for a class project that allows you to experience the horrors of 9/11 from the perspective of office workers trapped in the Twin Towers at the time the planes hit (08:46 was the time the first plane hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center). Here’s what the students had to say about the slightly controversial VR simulation.

[08:46] is a narrative driven experience designed for virtual reality, which makes you embody an office worker in the North Tower of the World Trade Center during the 9/11 events, emphasizing the victims’ point of view.

Based on countless hours of research in order to try to properly recreate the atmosphere and dynamics within the top floors of the towers, [08:46] was designed and developed as a school project during three months by a six members team, working in close collaboration with two actors for mocap and voice acting.

Having put our best efforts to craft a compelling and challenging narrative experience, we now release [08:46] on the 14th anniversary of the tragedy that shaped our century.

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