Viral video captured a very rare complication during a helicopter rescue in the USA

Viral video captured a 'very rare' complication during a helicopter rescue in the USA


A video which has gone viral this week captured footage of an elderly woman’s helicopter rescue in Arizona gone awry. The video shows the woman who was wrapped up in a harness and stretcher, spiralling uncontrollably as the helicopter, slowly lifts her into the air.

The woman, who was in her seventies got injured while on a hike and officials decided that the best course of action was to fly her off the mountain. Hoist rescues are very common in this situation, and the line attached to the rescue basket usually prevents spinning as the helicopter takes off. However, the line failed to do so in this case. The rescue was affected by turbulence from the helicopter rotor, which caused the patient to spin rapidly as she was lifted into the air. Watch the video below and read more on the latest viral content right here.

It’s a known phenomenon in the hoist rescue industry. It’s very rare and has only happened twice out of 210 rescue missions in the last six years. Nothing happened today that we weren’t prepared to deal with.” – Paul Apolinar, chief pilot for Phoenix Police

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