Viral Gillette Advert Inspired By The #MeToo Movement Receives Praise & Backlash


The latest company to challenge and make use of a social issue is razor brand, Gillette. Their latest marketing piece, which is reportedly inspired by the #MeToo movement, has a question for the modern day man -“Is this the best a man can get?” Playing on their 20-year tagline and changing it to “The best a man can be.”

The advert, which went viral, has caused quite a bit of fuss with some even calling for it to be banned. Bernice King, daughter of the late Martin Luther King, said the commercial was not anti-male at all but pro-humanity. Most of the backlash has come from the conservative community worldwide – Piers Morgan of BBC reacted on Twitter,

Like that’s worked out well this far, right? Watch the full advert below.

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