Vinyl Fair – 5 July 2015

Vinyl fair at Katys

All lovers of the sound of vinyl need to get down to Katy’s Palace on Sunday the 5th July to experience what can only be described as Jozi’s Premier Vinyl Selling event. You can look forward to seeing all the new faces and “some” of the old faces. The Vinyl Fair guys are situated in the back of the venue at the Sir James Van Der Merwe Bar, so please walk through the Amatuli shop to get into the Vinyl Fair playground.

An event favourtie, The Milk Bar will be open well before the Vinyl Fair starts so make sure you get down early to savour the breakfast offerings and coffee. The Vinyl Fair kicks off at 10AM. Do not worry if you arrive later in the day, all dealers keep additional stock under their tables and fill up their boxes throughout the day. This is to ensure that the customer can still expect to find some magic gem later on. Please avoid gatecrashing the Vinyl Fair whilst we are setting up. Dealers will be instructed not to do any sales until 10AM. If you have any special requests please feel free to email them through to

Be sure to check out their website for some more info:


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