Vin Diesel has filmed himself alone at home, dancing to Katy Perry & Beyonce & we don’t know why

vin diesel dancing to Beyonce

I’m a big fan of Vin Diesel and coincidently of Katy Perry as well (I have my reasons), so you’d think that a clip featuring both of these things together would be the best thing to happen to me. Well… it kind of wasn’t. The clip below shows Vin Diesel just chilling at home and wait for it… dancing to Katy Perry, followed by some Beyonce (I think?).

Apparently the reason for spontaneous bit of dancing was because of some good news related to the release of Riddick on DVD.

“Universal just called me and told me “Riddick” is number one on the DVD charts”

– says Vin as he takes a break from jamming.

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