Video of the Day| Rihanna- B*tch Better Have My Money

rihanna bitch better have my money

If you thought the video of Rihanna farting in the bath was the craziest thing you’d seen from the island born singer, you’d be wrong. Last week saw Riri release a music video for her brand new song – Bitch Better Have My Money filled with enough raunchiness to make the stars of a GGG porn film start to blush.

In the video we get to see loads of boobs, Riri smoke blunts, tie someone up and then torture them in a bid to ensure that she gets her money – it’s the stuff dreams are made of really. The song itself doesn’t really go anywhere but is a serious earworm that’ll have you singing Bitch Better Have My Money around the office.

Watch the video below (maybe try and make sure your boss doesn’t walk by when you do, because it’s PURE FILTH). Slightly #NSFW

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