VIDEO | Game Reserve Owner Gets Mauled by a Lion [WARNING: Graphic footage]

Man is lucky to escape with his life after a brutal Lion attack

A recent video has circulated through Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other social media platforms of a Private Game Reserve owner being hospitalised after being mauled by one of the lions inside the reserve. The incident happened on Monday in Limpopo and luckily the man in question is recuperating after the severe attack which left him with serious injuries to his neck and jaw.

The sounds of a female screaming and shouting for help really give you an understanding of the severity of the situation while the owner was left being dragged and mauled in the bushes. He is seen not to move from this point onward but luckily escaped with his life – this is one ordeal I’d hate to be put through but then again, once you’re in the wild, you’re in their territory.

All the best for his quick recovery

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