This Video Of A Bullshark Attacking A Spear Fisherman Is Why We’re Avoiding The Ocean For A Bit

This Video Of A Bullshark Attacking A Spear Fisherman Is Why We're Avoiding The Ocean For A Bit


Look the ocean is an absolutely beautiful place, but it’s also abundantly clear that we’re are by no means top of the food chain while immersed in the waves. The video below features 35-year-old spear fisherman Kerry Daniel having to use all of his wits to fend off an attack from a hungry Bullshark.

While spear fishing off the coast of north Queensland near the Great Barrier Reef and minding his own business, a bull shark when out of nowhere a Bullshark appears and decides to give him a good ram. Thankfully, Daniel knew exactly what to do and managed to get his spear gum into the shark’s mouth before its actually able to make contact with him.

This is literally my worst nightmare – I mean he was literally just doing his own thing when boom, there’s a shark… trying to eat him. Have a look at the video below (the beginning is extra nerve-wrecking because you’re already expecting the shark to appear out of nowhere.

That’s just nuts. I think I’ll stay in the shallows thank you very much.

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