[Video] A Shark Attacks A Diver, Who Manages To Survive With Just A Spear.

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A diver in the Caribbean Sea very nearly lost a limb during a close call with a shark, and of course he had a GoPro rolling.

Jason Dimitri was diving in the Caribbean Sea off the Cayman Islands, with only his now rather trusty and loving, three-pronged spear.

Suddenly, a reef shark comes out of nowhere for his rather tasty ‘Dimitri sandwich’.

Dimitri very narrowly escaped being attacked, fending off the shark with his spear. GO ON SON!

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  1. firstly spear fishing with air. Is that not illegal. Secondly spearfishing just a pity the shark did not get a bite. If that shark was bigger he would be sushi

    1. Definitely is illegal and I felt the same, it would have been great had the shark taken a good bite into him!

  2. He isn’t spear fishing for fun. He’s protecting the reef by taking out invasive lion fish. Check the comments on the Youtube link for more info.

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