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VICE CITY are proud to announce the launch of our Saturday House night. You can expect only the finest house music as they’ve secured Cape Town’s favourite resident acts who’ll be supported by the finest acts in Cape Town (and South Africa).

Their monthly residents include:

Bryan Travis 
Douglas Ølsson 
Terrence Pearce
Miss CJ 

The first Saturday night takes place on the 4th of April with launch night acts as follows:


DOORS OPEN: 10pm – 4am

DAMAGE: R50 all night.

ADDRESS: 4 BUITEN STREET, off Long Street.
**(Next door to Lola’s)**

For more information email:

**R.O.A.R – No Under 18’s – No drugs or bad attitudes – Welcome to the underground.**

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  1. Worst night ever.
    I am so bleak about having gone to Vice City! The bouncer was so aggressive and unreasonable after having changed the entrance fee right in front of me and my mates. After asking why, my mate was grabbed and tolled to leave. The bouncer was very unreasonable and technically assaulted my friend.
    That place will never ever see me or my friends again. I even went through the trouble of posting this message on every site I can to emphasize how pathetic it was.

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