Vibrant Brunches at JARRYDS Espresso Bar + Eatery

Hakuna Mimosa! It means it's Brunchtime!

It looks like the Segal’s can do no wrong.

We decided to stop by JARRYDS Espresso Bar + Eatery over the weekend, and to say they blow us away each time is an understatement. With their original pancake stack, brûlée bananas, vanilla cream, and a healthy dose of maple syrup, that can cure any sweet tooth, to their succulent 10 hour pulled espresso brisket roll, with horseradish cream, Swiss cheese, butter pickles and slaw, JARRYDS has refined all their recipes to give us the best breakfast, brunch and lunch experience in Cape Town.

Vibrantly loud and busy, the service is never lacking, and the dining experience is always top notch. Simply put, it is clearly passion on a plate: a passion for food, passion for ingredients, passion for balance, and passion for quality.

From locally sourced produce, fresh free range eggs, to fair trade coffee, JARRYDS is a prime example of what we are looking for in a restaurant. 

This time, we decided to go for salmon brunch, ordering their smoked salmon bagel, and their smoked salmon rosti stack. The thought process that goes into every dish, is not just a ‘schmeer’ of cream cheese on a bagel topped with smoked salmon; the dishes are beautifully presented, where the ingredients are combined and balanced to a ‘T’. The smoked salmon bagel comes with herbed cream cheese, shaved Spanish onion, rocket and caper popcorn, which was a nice twist on the traditional, by pan frying some capers, adding a little crunch to the dish. The smoked salmon rosti stack was light and crispy, served with charred zucchini ribbons, herbed cream cheese, drizzled with a basil emulsion (which we could not get enough of), caper popcorn, and a perfectly soft poached egg.

Enjoy your brunch or breakfast with one of their many coffees, juices, or be a little naughty and start your day with one of their many cocktails with specialty ingredients like their Bloody Mary with house-made bacon salt, or go the traditional route and sip on a refreshing Mimosa and stay through until lunch, and do it all over again.

So do yourself a favour, and stop by JARRYDS this week!

And if you had not guessed by now, it is obviously at the top of our dining scale, with a 5!

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