Veuve Clicquot Masters at Val De Vie

All that I can say is- if you didn’t go to Computicket and got down to this event, you failed.

The Masters was an amazing event that was thrown by Veuve Clicquot and the legends over at Vivid Luxury! One thing is for sure, the luxury of that day is definitely remembered… VIVIDLY!

A great deal of effort was put into the day as a whole- Val de Vie had it all, from hair salons and makeup stations to keep the boys and girls looking picture-perfect, to some of the best food I’ve ever munched on as well as Veuve on tap. That wasnt all that made the day awesome- I would be silly not to mention the bunch of macho guys on horses all sweaty and fit, yes Mooiness, I knew I’d get your attention with that one!

Even for those of us accustomed to filling up our tank with a garage card at the petrol station instead of searching for left over bank notes, this is seriously is a lifestyle that is well worth keeping up… I can now see why Zara and the rest of the royal bunch do this every weekend!

Enjoy the gallery and till the next luxury time… Keep living the dream & not just the holiday! 😉

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