Venues To Watch The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

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I can’t help but start getting nostalgic about 2010 with the approach of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil fast approaching. Remember how awesome it was! I will give you a minute.

Anyway, you know we are huge fans of all things sport at MCBN, so, if like many or us (insert massive sigh), you’re not lucky enough to be going over to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup live in Brazil (still looking for sponsor, hint hint, anyone), we think the next best thing is to watch the game on the biggest screen possible in an environment conducive to the awesome that is football, and the MEGA awesome that is the Soccer World Cup! I mean, remember how awesome 2010 was! You have another minute to enjoy that thought.

So, with that said, in conjunction with SuperSport, we thought we would start compiling a little list of places that A: (and most importantly) have SuperSport HD and B: Are perfect sports bars to get into the gees, an ale or 2, and some chow!

Here are your first 10:

1 Firemans Arms – City Bowl, Cape Town
2 Kimberley Hotel – City Bowl, Cape Town
3 Peddlars on the Bend – Constantia, Cape Town 4 Forresters Arms – Newlands, Cape Town
5 Joe Cools, Marine Parade, Durban
6 Britannia Hotel – Umgeni, Durban
7 The Jolly Roger – Parkhurst, Johannesburg 8 Paddy’s – Randburg, Johannesburg
9 The Baron – Johannesburg
10 Hooters – Johannesburg

Keep checking back for update as we add them over the coming months.

Now, start getting pumped for the 2014 FIFA World Cup with the video below!

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