With VanFokKingPAROW you have yet another insane example of local collaboration between Van Coke Kartel, Fokofpolisiekar, aKing and Jack Parow who will all be sharing the same stage on 8 September at Hatfield Square, Pretoria. If you went to VANFOKKINGTASTIES you’d know that this is definitely a party that you don’t want to miss out on.

Van Coke Kartel– energetic no-nonsense hi-energy rock

Fokofpolisiekar – they are the heart and soul of Afrikaans punk, legends in their own right

aKING – currently one of South Africa’s top rock acts, with lyrics that have won them fans across the globe

Jack Parow, the beloved Dangerous Romantic Afrikaans Rapper.

Pre-sold tickets at R60 and available from HERE Or R80 at the door.

Doors open at 5pm

NO Under 18’s

Facebook event

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  1. “..with lyrics that have won them fans across the globe” -> LOL! aKing rocks but lets not get ahead of ourselves, ahaha.

  2. “culture isn’t cheap
    if you bite the hands that bleed
    you’ll end up with blood stained teeth
    you are a lung full of water
    me, I am an appetite
    under the stress of weather
    you and I”

  3. “It’s a dangerous garden
    Swamped with simpletons
    a bad jangle of dirty silver
    the nuts and bolts of a pipe-bomb wedding
    the parade is over
    lift that cursed skirt vicious young jackal
    my confidence is coming
    grind the bones to powder
    bring the blood to a boil”
    AKING’s lyrics are probably the most entertaining I’ve ever heard.
    I wonder… do they write down a whole lot of random sentences, pull them out of a hat at random and then put them together?
    Are the lyrics chosen sporadically by live manatees?

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