Vampires Suck official trailer

The entire movie and TV world is awash with fairly emo vampires, werewolves and pixies that never actually kill anybody… it really is terribly sad. Rather than release yet another Twilight movie- which I am sure will happen soon enough for all of you Ed/Jacob fans… IN 3D!! (bleh)- Hollywood has given us a spoof that is definitely close to Police Academy levels of funny.

Check out the trailer for Vampires Suck over here:

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  1. Vampires Suck, looks like a really cool movie. I cant wait to see it. Twilight really got just too much, I would be supprised if they had a new Twilight comming out soon . . .

    1. I know what you’re saying. And then the fans are all like “you just dont get it”… what the hell does that even mean? Anyways- keen to have a laugh- comes out this weekend I think.

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