Vampire lady drinks human blood like it’s normal

vampire lady victim

A woman who lives in Pennsylvania in the USA (where else?), has revealed to reporters that she drinks almost two litres of blood a month from willing human donors who pop into the local occult and oddities store when she’s around. Julia Caples has been drinking human blood for over 30 years while (according to her) having a totally normal relationship with her two children and husband (see below).

As if that wasn’t weird enough, Julia also cuts the blood donor with a special pagan-like sterilised knife that she designed after having a Whatsapp chat with Satan (I’m assuming). I suppose that going about the task in this manner is better than some strange chick biting your neck and then trying to suck your blood like a real vampire, even though just marginally so. She adds that drinking the “lifeblood” from others makes her feel far stronger and healthier.

All I know is that she’s not sucking MY neck.

Vampire lady family

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