V&A Waterfront 007 Style

While sitting chatting to a mate the other day, we got discussing the V&A and we both said, wow remember the days of rocking it there. I then said, lets start a once a month crawl of bars and review them. so with that, the Consumer Bar Crawling and Testing Agency (or CBCTA) was formed!

Those of you that follow us on Twitter, and shame on you if you don’t, would have seen that last Saturday I decided to go all old school and 007 with a cruise through the V&A Waterfront to some awesome bars. The 007 style come in with the martini’s and unfortunately not the Aston or numerous Bond girls.

Let me tell you this, the martini’s for 6 hours were way better than the Aston as they were not just 5 billionth of the price, but also you cant really ‘drink’ the Aston, unless you into that sort of thing…

The reason I thought I would do this review was based on the fact that I used to rock the V&A often, it was also a fat party and with so much choice, you never really needed to leave the place… guess what, this is still the case!
That said, we all, no matter the age, earning category and so on, kind of got the feeling it was more for the tourist and not the awesome locals. Well that’s why I am doing this review, to let you know it’s quite the contrary!

The prices of the places I visited when I planned my little tour were all in line with what you pay anywhere else for what you drink. Cocktails ranged from R36 rand to no more than R50 and the rest of the drinks that you could order were all the norm, R12 + for a beer etc etc.

My little tour included the following places due to being realistic (this will be way larger on our next CBCTA mission):

Bascule Bar – Cape Grace
Alba Lounge
The Grand Café
Dash – Queen Victoria Hotel
Vista Bar – One & Only

Here are my choices for what to try at each place:

Bascule – Mojito that will make you cry its that good! Tapas, beyond amazing! Alba Lounge – The Albatizer. I mean, how can you not like jelly tots in a drink!
The Grand Café – Sundowners with a tequila and mojito, and a view to kill (see what I did there) ! Nothing beats the feeling of sand between the toes either. Hell, I may go now even in the rain!
Dash – Untouched secret of the V&A! Sexy, sleek bar with a Pomegranet Martini that would make Jimmy Bond cancel his mooiness!
Vista Bar – Hard to say, the past present and future options of all their cocktails are crazy mad awesome!

After all the sweetness, I felt a little savory taste seduction was in order…
Hello Rubens at the One & Only!
Oh my oh my… You are doing yourself a disservice by not ever trying Rubens. Even if you live on bread for the rest of the month, this place is beyond worth it!

All I can say is, it’s for us awesome Cape Town people as well as tourists and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

I really enjoyed kicking it old school and will be back on another crawl soon!

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