VA Midnight Storm 4 – Acid Rain (Nexus Media)

Shift has compiled a list of absolute slammers for the newest album of Midnight Storm 4 – Acid Rain. This album is due out at SAIKOSOUNDS and BEATPORT in December 2010. I have got my hands on the samples of all the tracks for you to take a little too. It’s sound sick!

1 – deliriant – imitations
2 – deliriant vs cybernetix – degenerate
3 – absolum vs shift – frequent smokers
4 – pitch hikers – unkown excess
5 – solar axis – all or nothing
6 – cybernetix – de ja vu
7 – hux flux – bring your own bios – ctrl alt del remix
8 – concious chaos vs shift – big acid binge
9 – twisted reaction vs kalilaskov AS vs mantis – moscow cassiopeia
10 – mantis – devil’s moon
11 – dr throb vs mantis – eat this

Take a listen to this:

midnight storm 4 – acid rain – v/a by neXus media

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