V/A Digital Breed Vol.I – MMD Records

MMD have just released their first  EP (with many more to come) featuring 3 of the sickest tracks. Each track has been mastered by Artifakt and exposes some of the fresh names to the scene as well as the new signings to the MMD label. The 3 tracks are made by Brave ( one half of B-55… so you can pretty much imagine already how crazy this track is going to be), the other track is done by Sinful Reaction of Portugal and the final track is remix of a Biorythm tune done by Zion Linguist 

Vol 1

I was lucky enough to be given a chance to listen to these tracks before they got released and even luckier that I got them before the Village last Saturday. I sat down, cranked up the volumed and got exactly what I thought I would hear. That true MMD production! beautifully constructed, driving beats that would make any dancefloor go mental.

1. Biorhythm – Counterfreak (Zion Linguist RMX)
2. Brave – Crytic of Trance
3. Sinful Reactions – From the Heart
Artwork and Graphics provided by – Gatafreak
Mastering by Matthew de Nobrega at Timecode Studios,Cape Town

Zion Linguist’s remix will give you that perfect 5am eery night time sound while still keeping the original biorhythm rifts rolling in the background. He has re-worked this track solidly and added his distinctive Zion sound perfectly. This track will go off on the dancefloor just as hard the original does!

When I found out Brave was one half of B-55, I knew this track wasn’t going to be holding anything back at all and thats just an understatement. This track gets going right from the beginning and builds up into one monster of a bassline, he really knows how to bring together the dark and evil basslines with those industrial synths and mad bass drops, picking up it right back up again. Get your hands on this track!!

The final track of the EP is by Sinful Reactions who hail from Portugal, having just recently signed with MMD and you can see exactly why. This song will take you past those twilight hours with its melodic, dark sounds and keep you stomping harder and harder with its driving bassline. I can honestly say I have had this song on repeat since I got it, infact all three of these tracks. I really look forward to see what these guys will to bring to the table for MMD in the near future

Available in WAV and MP3 format from Juno Records UK and Juno download:

Juno Records UK 
Juno Download

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